XIV. pálinka- és párlatverseny

Competition rules


The changes by the organizers of the Quintessence Pálinka and Distillate Competition have been being inspired by the specific situation of the war in the neighbouring country, the high inflation
and the high prices. The substance of it is around the meaning of the word QUINTESSENCE: „hard distillate, essence, quintessence, the essence of something”. This recognition made the
organizers – who recognized the need of this change - restructure and renew the rules of the judging system. The positive parts and experiences have been remained by the organizers, but
some parts of the system from the judging to the position of the competition have been renewed.

The main parts of this

  • A new so called pre- judging system will be introduced for those, who are new private and wage distillers, or for those, who did not get any medals in the last two years. Our aim is
    to be the best and the biggest in the Quintessence. We would like to take the time for the evaluation of these people’s products. They are going to get a more detailed, deeper, more objective feedback to be able to start on the way of development.
  • The 100 pointed evaluation system or software was developed last year, so it gives a possibility to make difference between the pálinkas a nd distillates. The spreading of this system in the Carpathian basin makes deeper and more qualified results among the best ones.
  • Those judges who have a share in commercial distilleries, or those who have a share in private or wage distillers cannot be the member of the jury at choosing a champion or a
    cathegory winner pálinka. We can rise the value of the winner and champion distillates. We can rise the value of the champion prize. Only the most excellent ones can get the exceptional appreciation, the bigger value a big golden award will be.
  • The organizers get back to ’one’ annoucement of results, where the pálinka houses, the private and wage distilleries can meet at the same time, and can talk about the presence and future of pálinka. They can taste the commercially available winner pálinkas as well there.
  • We started the unification of the entering conditions. There hasn’t been any changes at the price list for 3 years, so we were forced to do that due to the risen costs of the competition and to the 115% rise of prices. It is true for the gala as well to be able to keep the level of it.
  • We appreciate the work of the distillate master beside the wage distillers.
  •  Sour cherry became one of the best champion cathegories.
  • The results of the great champions have been modified to make the competition more open. 

For more details see the attached document.